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01-12-2012, 23:23
Hi everyone. I have a friend who is looking to backpack I 70-Harpers Ferry in the next week and I was wondering if anyone had been to any of the shelters (Rocky Run, Crampton Gap, and Ed Garvey) recently and how the water situation was. Also, can one get water at Gathland in the winter (now)?

Thanks for any info you can give me! :)

01-13-2012, 00:12
Rocky Run absolutely should have water now, Crampton Gap maybe, Gathland I believe has a frost free spigot and FWIIW a portapotty. Ed Garvey always has water but Note it is a steep long descent. Just to add my $.02 the view this time of year is fabuolous.

Don H
01-13-2012, 15:30
Washington Monument, you'll walk right past a spigot near the museum
Dahlgren Campground, behind the bathhouse
Rocky Run, good spring in front of old shelter
Crampton Gap, Minimal spring near shelter, better off going to Gathland.
Gathland State Park, spigot at bath house (also soda machine and flush toilets)
Ed Garvey Shelter, water is way down off the ridge and not worth the trip. Bring enough water from Gathland SP to get you to Harpers Ferry. It's an easy walk.

Gathland and Dahlgren might be closed for the season but I believe they have frost proof spigots. Call the Maryland park service to check.

02-09-2012, 17:06
Planning a section hike for April. I was wondering what type of filtration I would need for spigots and springs?

Don H
02-09-2012, 18:28
No need to treat the water coming from spigots at Dahlgren, Wash. Monument, or Gathalnd SP. How to treat raw water is a personal preference but I would treat it.

02-16-2012, 20:53
Stayed at Crampton Gap last weekend n the water is flowing good, but I would treat it. Spikets at Dahlgren were workin fine as well.

03-28-2012, 16:42
im headed to ed garvey shelter and i will see how steep the terrain will be

03-28-2012, 17:34
Hiking SOBO, I recommend cameling up at Gathland and carrying enough for Garvey. The Trail is pretty easy from Gathland to Garvey and I'd just as soon avoid the steep downhill to Garvey's water source.

I did this twice last year - one time, I cooked dinner at Gathland and then went on to Garvey with enough water for breakfast and drinking.