View Full Version : golite PURSUIT or PINNACLE?

01-17-2012, 15:20
Hi folks, I'm looking for some insight from owners of these two packs regarding their load capacity and space.

Here is my gear list for 2012 through-hike http://www.geargrams.com/list?id=5825

My base weight, including trekking poles and pack, is looking to be about 15lbs give or take. That is excluding the clothes I'll be wearing.

The Pinnacle weighs in at just over 2lbs, and has a whopping 72 L of storage. I am thinking this will be larger than my needs, but I'm a bit concerned about those 5-6 day stretches with no resupply. May be nice to have the extra space in a pinch.

The Pursuit is only a 51L capacity, but also weighs a bit more at almost 3lbs. It also costs 10 bucks more (not a deciding factor).

It seems the Pinnacle has more features, weighs less, but the Pursuit does seem to have a more rigid frame sheet. That's attractive to me as I've always carried an Al framed pack, and above all want something that can comfortably carry my load. I've been scared away by the jam, as I wouldn't classify myself as UL.

I know there are lots of factors and this is a decision I'll have to make, but its difficult when no outfitters near me carry the packs. Some insider insight would go a long way. Thanks as always WB-


01-17-2012, 16:44
Can't speak for the Pursuit, but I had the Pinnacle for the entirety of my almost-thru-hike/Long Ass Section Hike/whatever you want to call it last year. I had a pretty similar gear set-up to yours. Assuming your sleeping bag is down, your total bulk is probably less than mine was. IMO, 70 liters is only a little too big for what you'll need, but the Pinnacle compresses very nicely and very easily. In the middle of summer when I was carrying what felt like next to nothing, I could still pull the straps tight enough that it was packed tightly and comfortably with no shifting.

I had been under the impression from reviews that GoLite packs possibly weren't durable enough for thru-hikes, but I went with one anyway and it worked out great. Nothing broke or tore or otherwise became defective for 5 1/2 months. And a lot of people told me at various points that if something did break, GoLite's customer service, especially for thru-hikers, is second to none.

01-17-2012, 19:10
I have the Pinnacle with 3/4 of the AT done on it. My base weight is the same as yours. I have carried 10 days of food in mine with no problem, its a huge pack when needed when not it rolls down tight. Like the pack alot but would like to try the ULA OHM 2.0 cause I have nothing to compare it to and looking for change.

01-17-2012, 19:44
My base weight is also very close to yours. Cant speak on the Pursuit, but trekked with a Pinnacle for bout 400 miles in 2 section hikes. Switched to a ULA Circuit and have bout 600 miles on it. Would NEVER go back to Pinnacle and frameless pack. Having a frame to distribute the weight is worth every ounce. 30+ pounds in the Circuit is more comfortable than 25 pounds in the Pinnacle.

Smooth & Wasabi
01-17-2012, 20:10
I have a pinnacle and a jam2. I like them both for their use. You said you didn't want the Jam and the pinnacle is just a big Jam. I love that I can take the pinnacle on a multi-day winter trip and then use it as a winter day pack. In my opinion it is good to 30lbs +-. If I were buying a light framed pack I would go with ULA over golite hands down.

02-21-2012, 15:16
Hey just wanted to say thanks for the opinions and that I have decided on a pack (not a goLITE). Picked up a Deuter act zero 50+15 for a good deal from a local retailer, and I'm really happy with it thus far.

Emily Harper
02-21-2012, 15:42
Smaller the better trust me. it means less stuff, more miles

02-21-2012, 16:32
I like the flexibility of being able to pack stuff more easily when needed without having to compress the heck out of stuff. I also like to use blue foam pads and like to put it in first like a cylinder. I use the Jam2 which is the baby brother of the pinnacle. The pinnacle would be handy for the winter hiking I do, and if I wanted to carry more food on the AT without having to worry too much about how densely it might pack. More volume can also mean less weight.