View Full Version : Need long term parking options in (town of) Pine Grove, PA

03-15-2005, 17:16
Thank you for being a great resource for trip planning.

I will be starting my section hiking at the Pen-Mar line and ending at the 501 shelter. From there I will be headed back north (to home).

Does anyone know of any places that allow long term parking (2 weeks) for a fee/no-fee in the town of Pine Grove, PA?

I have tried calling the number listed in the 2005 Companion, but it hasn't panned out (I get no answer when I call).

Thank you for any and all help!!

03-15-2005, 18:44
There are two places in town that I know of that may allow you to park there, but I am not sure of the phone number right off hand. One is Berger's market on the north end of town, the other is B&G's Value Market right in town. Try information to get the phone numbers, and remember, our area code has been changed recently to 570. The prefix is 345. Give them a call, though B&G's may be more willing to allow it.
Good luck on your hike.