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Not So Fast
01-22-2012, 22:18
It's time to plan another of my annual/biennial five to seven day section hikes. This year I'll start at Newfound Gap and head north. Plan to go at least as far as Hot Springs but have been wondering if I can stretch it another day to Allen Gap, and end up at the Hemlock Hollow Inn. Anyone have any advice on that? I hear it's a great stretch of trail, but then I've been knocked out by everything from Springer to Newfound Gap so far. I'm especially interested in three things - ability to leave a car at Hemlock Hollow, and/or experience with that; shuttle suggestions; and timing appropriate to seeing some wildflowers while having some company but not hordes of fellow hikers. My current thinking is mid to late May.

Many thanks!

Not So Fast

01-22-2012, 22:37
Since you are starting at Newfound Gap you'll need a permit. The time is agout right for a week to Hot Springs. I didn't have any trouble in 09 with my car in Hot Springs, don't know about Hemlock Hollow. I used the outfitter in Hot Springs for a shuttle. You'll still have company on the trail. As always, enjoy

01-23-2012, 00:59
you can leave your car at HH & they can shuttle you or you can leave your car at Elmers in Hot Springs & hike on through to HH & they can shuttle you back. If you have great weather you can make it to HH & if the weather's not so hot, stop at Hot Spings. You can also leave a mail drop in your Car at Elmers if you decide to move on nobo

01-25-2012, 18:35
ok what or who is HH? I am doing this same hike first or 2nd week of march.

01-25-2012, 18:55
ok what or who is HH? I am doing this same hike first or 2nd week of march.

Hemlock Hollow. Its a hostel about 16 miles north of Hot Springs

Not So Fast
02-01-2012, 21:25
Thanks for the replies and the advice!

Not So Fast