View Full Version : overnite parking northern nj (rt519 past rt284)

03-16-2005, 11:40
Doing part of the NJ-AT this spring, starting at 206 in Culver's Lake, heading north. Looking for a relatively safe overnite parking AFTER Rt. 519 (after High Point). We were going to stop at Rt 284, but my AT book says "small dirt turnaround, parking for 4-5 cars, overnite parking not recommended." SO- assuming parking at Rt. 284 would be a bad idea, there are several road crossings before and after 284... can anybody familiar with the area tell me if there is anywhere to park NEAR Rt. 284, perhaps at one of the other road crossings...?

The next "official" lot is at Rt. 94- 11 miles further. That's too far for us unless we add another day to the trip.


03-16-2005, 22:06
In my opinion 284 is not a bad spot to park and probably the best of any of the other local roads. Vandalism can happen anywhere. If you are looking for private property, there is a hotel and hiker hostel about a mile north on 284 in Unionville, NY. It would be easy to road walk the mile to Unionville. I think it's called the 'last stop' or something like that, it's in the hiker companions.

ps. maybe if someone could put you intouch with 'jim' at the secret shelter he would let you park on his property. do you know about the secret shelter?

03-17-2005, 07:18
Thanks. Yes- I know of the secret shelter. We'll be passing it on our trip, or depending on exactly where it is, we could be staying/tenting there. Also depending on exactly where it is, I think the finish of our trip will be a ways past it, not sure if parking there would be helpful or not.

Good info on the hiker hostel- I'll try to check that out.