View Full Version : Thoughts on Mountain Hardware Kelvinator Puffie?

01-27-2012, 23:15
Got a good deal on this jacket on Sierra Trading Post (a steal at $100). However, I'm not sure that it's warm enough for me; I'm looking for advice.

Pieces of information:

starting March 1
Already have a good 0 deg bag
Jacket seems to have 176g of 650 fill down

Link: http://www.backcountry.com/mountain-hardwear-kelvinator-down-jacket-mens

Since I have a good bag, I'm not very worried about being cold when I'm sleeping, but I'm worried about cooking and setting up a tent/tarp if necessary on a cold night.

I don't have real experience with cold weather backpacking, and I'd appreciate some advice about whether or not I should look into a warmer jacket. I'm expecting to layer as possibly (1) Base layer (2) long john top (3) fleece (4) a puffie (5) shell.

With the possibility of single degree temps, will I be alright?

Thanks for the advice in advance, lots of good info on this forum.

01-27-2012, 23:34
If you wear the MH jacket over the fleece you should be fine unless you have the metabolism of a snowman.

Being well fed and hydrated will help keep you warm.

Also, if you have a water bladder that can stand warm temperatures you can put warm water in it and stick it under your jacket to help heat things up.

Lastly, if you experience wicked temperatures and have to set up camp or cook in the open, you can stuff your insulated sleeping pad up under your jacket (unless it's one of those really thick ones - even then, partially inflated it might work) as emergency insulation.

01-29-2012, 22:41
I assume you're referring to a NOBO AT hike when you write your start date? That jacket should be more than adequate. You're not going to run into *that* much sub-freezing weather. When you do -- bear in mind, setting up a tent or tarp, you're moving around, and you'll get to where you can do it very quickly anyway, if you aren't at that point yet. Ten minutes tops, and probably a lot less. Cooking, you can do in the door of your tent or at the edge of your tarp, sitting on or partially in your sleeping bag.

I thru-hiked starting March 10 with a lot less insulation than that, and didn't have any problems to speak of.