View Full Version : Lodging options in Catawba Area

01-28-2012, 17:59
Just wondered if anyone could tell me what options are available in this area. What is Four Pines like? Has anyone stayed at Crosstrails B&B? Any other options in this area? Costs/amenities? Thanks for any information!!

01-28-2012, 19:19
Hi B.B.
I stayed at the Four Pines hostel several nights this past summer. It is very convenient - very close to the AT road crossing - a 10 minute walk. It is a large garage which has been converted into a hostel. It has the bare essentials - shower, toilet, frig, microwaves, a wood stove for warmth, and a few cots and sofas. Joe Mitchell, the owner, is very hospitable, and will help you with shuttles. He asks only for donations, but please remember to leave him something. I'm afraid that many hikers take advantage of donation only places. He does charge for the shuttles, but is not expensive. He will also take you in to Catawba to the Homeplace Restaurant, which you should not miss.

Have fun - Bessie Bree

01-28-2012, 22:20
Once you eat at the Homeplace if you've just come out of the woods, you'll feel like the universe has basically taken care of itself.

(Sorry I can't give better advice than that.)