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Sedona Trading Co.
03-17-2005, 11:47
We are looking for ten individuals to field test our seasoning products. As this is a new product line, we are hoping that some of you would be willing to take our products along your journey, and then let us know how the products perform, taste, and offer any suggestions as well.

We would prefer that one person from a hiking group volunteer, so that we can receive ten independent reports. We are hopeful that we can receive some feedback within the next two months.

Let me know by way of email if this is of interest, and we can send our products to you. To help familiarize our products to you, please visit our website at www.sedonatrading.com (http://www.sedonatrading.com). Thanks in advance for your help.

Safe Trails,
Scott Boboltz
Sedona Trading Comapny

Sedona Trading Co.
03-21-2005, 08:34
Thank you very much for the overwhelming response to our request. We have our field test volunteers, and look forward to them testing our products.

Sedona Trading Company