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partly cloudy
02-02-2012, 11:37
Once again, the NCT in the ANF will hold it's A-100 Challenge. This is a personal challenge to hike 100 miles of the NCT in 50 hours, unsupported. There are shorter challenges available, 25 and 50 miles. June 8 thru 10, 2012.

This year, we will be starting at the southern terminus of the ANF section and going north. The starting point is the Pa. Rt 66 trailhead, 6 miles south of Marienville and 1.2 miles north of Vowinkle. ( N41 25.149 W79 12.639 ) Pre-registration is required for a t-shirt and shuttle from your vehicle at your end point. Pre-registration will end 1 week before the start, but, you can register at the start point up to the time the challenge begins, 6 PM. Late registration does NOT insure a shuttle or t-shirt.

For more information and registration, go to www.northcountrytrail.org > Get involved > Calender of Events > June 8. Or e-mail for info only,, [email protected]

05-28-2012, 22:10
Thanks for the info... I may look into this.

partly cloudy
05-29-2012, 08:50
So far, we have 57 registered, as of last week. 21 have registered to do the 100 miles. I can expect a total of around 75 participants. It has grown fro 22 the first year to what we will have now. To check it out or register,, go to http://northcountrytrail.org/get-involved/special-events/the-allegheny-100/

05-29-2012, 17:09
Doin the 50. GL to all the participants. Good to support the NCT.