View Full Version : This is the "I take that advice back" thread

02-02-2012, 14:18
Ever given whiteblaze advice and wished you hadn't after a few weeks or so? This is your chance to come clean.

Me first! I had been using and heavily recommending New Balance MT 101 trail runners -- a very light and minimalist shoe... and while I still like the idea -- they really do feel great, the lower heel bed did a job on my achilles tendons (really sore...) and switching back to Brooks Cascadias has helped the healing process. So, now I don't feel guilty.

Got advice you'd retract?

02-02-2012, 16:42
I take back everything I ever said in my whole life. humm...you know..I do feel better! :banana

02-02-2012, 16:53
1azarus: This a very noble thing to do. Often folks fall in love with their new "techy" gear and post rave reviews before giving them a real workout, realizing later that their glowing recommendations were premature and (potentially) misleading.

The only thing I would like to take back is my recommendation of cat-cut hex tarps. To get the same coverage as a rectangular tarp you need to get a larger tarp. The cat cut is exactly where you need coverage the most - the middle of your hammock which hangs lowest. Side winds can more easily blow rain under, for example, an 8x10 cat cut tarp than an 8x10 rectangular tarp. Additionally, there are no pullouts on the middle of the sides of my McCat, so the wind sometimes blows the tarp right against my hammock when I pitch it low for best storm coverage.