View Full Version : Getting Images from my Camera to my Smartphone

02-03-2012, 10:33
To post images shot with a dedicated camera to the innertubs, it oughta be as simple as plugging a USB cable or a card adapter into your smartphone, Right?

I just posted what I found, and how I solved it at www.laughingdog.com

02-03-2012, 15:22

02-03-2012, 16:41
This is a great product. However, I won't be bringing my Android phone with me - the battery life isn't ideal and I don't really need the additional features it has over a pay-as-you-go phone. Therefore, I'm planning to just upload the files from my camera's memory card to my Dropbox cloud storage (here's a link if anyone wants a referral (http://db.tt/KVsb2fCT) to the site - it's free, but using the referral earns both parties additional storage; also, you don't need to use the referral if you don't want to) when it's near-full and I stop in town. Then I can erase the card without worry and start again - and I'll list the folder as "shared" with a friend so they can download back-up copies of them for me.

I may also stop somewhere and have the files burned to DVDs (two copies), then mailed out to two separate locations, depending on the cost of that.