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02-03-2012, 18:56
Well me and a couple friend are setting out on a hike on feb 28th, leap day, aka the no day.The original plan was to do a thur hike north bound, leaving the 28th, but as life and money tend to get in the way, they did. So with my determination and my fellow friends enthusiasm, we are planning a trip for 5 days that our wallets and employers will be happy with.Now we have done white blaze trails in ga and blue blaze trails before, with minimal BO-YA!!! Factor in the end of hike. I'm looking for some real points of interest, something that when u get there, everyone in the group doesn't say a word,due to the awesome-ness that is this place.Now it doesn't need to be in ga, we were thinking of hiking south bound back into ga.but plz somewhere close by the border, since have only 5 days. unless the its really worth it. And it would be nice that it was accessible to the AT since the plan now is to hike south bound. Heck I'm open to all suggestions.

02-03-2012, 22:13
It's 57 miles between Fontana Dam and Winding Stair Gap (Rt. 64 outside Franklin) which for me would be about a 5 day hike. You'd catch nice views from Cheoah Bald, Swim Bald, and towers at both Wesser and Wayah Balds. Winding Stair is not too far from the GA border and you don't have to worry about permits, reservations, etc which you'd have deal with if you hiked the Smokies.

I realize that's "only" 11 miles per day but it is a challenging stretch, not only from 2-3,000' ascents but many steep intervening knobs. I consider it the most difficult 50 mile section south of New Hampshire. And even though you're hiking >2 months after the solstice, you still have less daylight.

02-08-2012, 22:25
Sounds good, any other ideas, maybe somewhere we can fish?Or do some rock climbing?

rock n roll n hike
02-26-2012, 15:21
ha! looks like we better have it figured out huh cotton....dicks creek, to hogpen sobo right?

02-27-2012, 15:57
yes sir!!

anyone have any words of wisdom for this section of the trail?

Papa D
02-27-2012, 20:36
Chattahoochee River starts at Chattahoochee Gap - nice rolling hills - should be a nice hike. If I was going to suggest any section of the AT to do in 5 days near you, I would suggest the whole GSMNP - it's 70 miles so you'd have to move right along but certainly doable in 5 days - it would also be a nice "definable" section for you. - have fun.

05-28-2012, 22:58
GSMNP is a great pick. It would take some moving though. Great areas to see beautiful views. If it is a little too far, you can split it in half...Fontana to Newfound Gap and then complete the northern half at another time. It offers a couple of different options.