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03-17-2005, 21:48
http://webpages.charter.net/fam-strick/Stoves--TwoWay.jpg (http://webpages.charter.net/fam-strick/Stoves--TwoWay.jpg)

I call them "TwoWay" stoves, because they can be used with a stand that
holds the pot about 1" over the stove, or you can set the pot directly on
the stove and use it as a side burner.

The advantage of using a pot support is when you are trying to heat a small
mug. The chimney type flame works well with smaller pots or mugs!

The Ultra Cat is just a Super Cat [Jim Woods] with only one row of lower
holes. Just use 20 instead of 10 and forget about the top set of holes, you
don't need them. I like 7/32 diameter.

Use a pc. of flashing or 5/16" off the bottom of another can with a 1 14"
hole in the center, for the top.

I will get some pictures of them in action, so that you can see the

Pop can version.....I am not sure how long the sharp edges of the cans will
last. [top support] They seem to be quite strong at only 1 1/8"s tall. You
might want to use some JB Weld on the inner and outer, when they are slid

Have any questions on how to build them, just ask.:confused:


03-17-2005, 22:48
wow thats a really cool looking stove:cool: neo

03-17-2005, 23:46
The Ulta Cat in action!


The Hammocker
03-20-2005, 21:13
nice basic not too difficult stove. Thats what we need here.