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02-05-2012, 14:15
What would be the best way to leave a resupply along the trail. I have heard of people hanging 5 gallon buckets just like u would a bear bag.

Smooth & Wasabi
02-05-2012, 14:32
Check search there was a very recent thread on this topic. There really is no need for this on the AT.

02-05-2012, 14:40
I am doing a week section hike and don't want to carry seven days of food all at once and don't want to come off the trail for more than 100 yards or so.

map man
02-05-2012, 14:43
If you go when all the camp stores and eateries in SNP are open you can resupply for most things as you go. Check the SNP web site for the pertinent dates. If there are things you want that you suspect you won't find in the camp stores then bring enough of whatever those things are for the whole trip and supplement with on-trail camp store items as you go. The camp stores are all close to the trail even if they are not within your 100 yard requirement. Consult the maps on the SNP web site.

Edit with further camp store info:

Big Meadows (41.7 miles from north entrance of SNP, 53.8 miles from south) -- lodge with restaurant is .1 mile off trail but camp store, laundry and showers are more like a mile according to the AT Companion.

Lewis Mountain (50.4 miles from north, 45.1 miles from south) -- camp store with laundry and showers is 200 yards off trail according to my map.

Loft Mountain (76.1 miles from north, 19.4 miles from south) -- camp store with laundry and showers is 150 yards off trail according to my map.

If you are planning on one single resupply at a camp store it looks like Lewis Mountain is very well situated for that, being close to the trail and very close to half-way between the north and south ends of the park (by trail).

02-05-2012, 23:58
When are you hiking thru SNP ? Big Meadows Wayside opens March 23rd.
Lewis Mountain camp store opens April 6th.

If hiking before then,you could cache food near areas where the trail crosses the Drive.
There is a small store down from Swift Run Gap ,approx. 3 miles that stocks some hiker food that will get you farther down the trail.

02-06-2012, 14:18
Im going early March.
I am looking for tips on caching food along the trail(areas where the trail come near/crosses the road)

02-06-2012, 14:35
Although I have discussed the 5 gallon bucket on other threads, I wouldn't think it is allowed in SNP. Being a National Park, and having rules on food storage and bears it's probably braking some rules.
And breaking laws or rules isn't allowed here.......

02-06-2012, 14:52
If you choose your food for weight and caloric content, rather than making palatability the ultimate goal, you should be able to eat for a week carrying 10-12 lbs. You might not be full all the time, but you won't starve, either. Most hikers hiking the Hundred Mile Wilderness in Maine take between 6 and 10 days and carry all their food. I took 9 days and did it with 18lbs. of food. The HMW has some serious climbs, too, though a lot of it is fairly flat. I haven't hiked on the AT in SNP since 1975, so I'm not aware how it compares to the AT in the HMW.

02-06-2012, 21:01
I assume once you get your food you will carry out the buckets then or someone picks them up that day. Doubt the rangers will enjoy buckets lying around on the trail in a national park. Which also includes the AT - as it is also a "national park", albeit "National Scenic Trail".

When you plan a section, you also need to plan for your resupply. It's part of being a sectioner. To say - I refuse to carry the food I need and / or I won't get of the trail to resupply over 100 yards but I'll leave buckets laying around to make it easier on myself - doesn't say much about consideration for the trail or doing what needs to be done to hike the trail successfully.

02-06-2012, 21:04
Not sure how the rangers feel about caching in SNP with buckets laying around.

Depends on what he puts in them 5 gallon buckets. Might just have a bunch of Rangers with big grins on their faces.

Could turn out to be a like a big Easter egg hunt for 'em.

02-06-2012, 22:30
I am totally changing my plans. Thanks for opening my eyes on the topic.