View Full Version : My New GG LT4S Trekking points

02-09-2012, 22:36
Why I chose GossamerGear Lightrek 4 trekking poles, and how they work with my other systems:

02-09-2012, 22:43
I am very happy with mine, although I have a little under 40 miles on them. I was thinking about putting a little write up about them on my blog tomorrow...not sure if I will have time though... Anyway, congrats on your purchase.

02-09-2012, 23:29
I imagine there are others out there that will both hold me and my tent up, but this was the first set I found. Cut the weight in half! Based on all the reviews, they look like winners.

02-10-2012, 13:20
I have a set of these with over 400 miles on them, and they are just flat out awesome. I use both of with my Mountain Laurel Designs DuoMid (I use my DuoMid in the "dual pole" setup).

10-15-2012, 09:53
I updated my original blog post with my experience using these poles in Maine and New Hampshire ...