View Full Version : Colorado Trail/VT Long Trail ULA Backpack--Suggestions

02-11-2012, 13:44
Need help. Finishing gear list for CT 2012. Current base pack weight without backpack is 11.24 lbs. (example-with the Circuit total 13.5 lbs.) Agonizing over pack decision, options include:

1) ULA Ohm-23 oz. = Base 12.7

2) ULA Ohm 2.0-29 oz. = Base 13.05

3) ULA Circuit-36 oz. = Base 13.5

4) New Granite Gear Crown 60-34 oz.=13.36

I am leaning heavily toward the ULA Ohm (23 oz) but concerned about its capacity for a CT/LT hike. Any comments or suggestions very much appreciated.

02-11-2012, 14:24
I have the Ohm after taking a look at the Circuit. Seems to me the Ohm is plenty big enough if you are already an ultralight backpacker. Just don't try to save the weight by getting an ultralight backpack if you don't have the corresponding gear. Especially with the collar extention, a weeks worth of food would not be a problem. The Circuit seems huge to me.

Del Q
02-11-2012, 23:41
I have a ULA pack and its great, bought a Hyperlite Mountain Gear carbon fiber pack for fall NH hike, pretty killer. Very Light. Waterproof. Well designed. At 30 lbs or so was really comfortable for me. Great new company.

02-13-2012, 18:28
Talked to Chris at ULA. He was great, and I decided on the OHM 2.0 for the CT this July. I believe my obsessing over my gear list has paid off, shaved over 6 lbs. from my AT pack. Most juiced. If I do the middle 1,000 on the PCT I will have to upgrade to a Circuit, butr htat's ok.

02-13-2012, 19:18
Give your baseweight and how you don't need to carry a bear cannister or huge quanities of water, the CDT should be more then enough. Or if you think you may need to carry a little more weight occasionally, go with the OHM. The Circuit will be too big for you gear. I own a Conduit (older pack that became the CDT) and a Circuit that I used on a PCT thru-hike. I found the Circuit too big with the exception of carrying a 10+day supply with a bear can. If I was to hike any of the trails you are mentioning, I'd take my conduit or buy a new CDT. I'm currently planning on using it for my upcoming AT hike. My baseweight is pretty similar to yours. It will carry up to mid-20 lbs comfortably and occasionally hitting 30lbs doesn't feel bad. My experience is that frameless packs like this carry more comfortably the fuller they are so allow your sleeping bag to loft up in a large plastic bag rather then a stuff sack. If you find the pack feeling uncomfortable, repack it differently which usually solves the problem.

02-13-2012, 23:09
Given your base weight, the Ohm 2.0 should make you happy. I had an Ohm and a Circuit, and kept the Circuit, sold the Ohm. But the 2.0 version solves the issues I had with it, and I otherwise thought it was a very nice pack.