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02-11-2012, 19:00
Hi i am wanting to buy from on line, a ULA conduit backpack but the person selling it isnt sure of the size. Does any one know the measurements or other information about the pack?

02-11-2012, 21:54
Here ya go:


The exact torso and hip belt size will depend on which size he/she decided on when ordering.

02-11-2012, 22:31
thanks but i am looking at buying a used conduit from some one on line and they do not know the size of it or other measurements. It looks like the conduit was discontinued by ULA. I saw one last summer in Scotland and would like to get it if it will fit me.

02-12-2012, 02:42
If it is 20" from the top of the shoulder straps attachment to the bottom of the pack then it is a medium. If the hip belt gets maxed out at a 35-36" waist it is a medium. If it can go over 44" it is a large. Hope this helps.

02-12-2012, 14:37
The COnduit is now called the CDT after it had a redesign to lower the weight. One difference is the change from the mesh rear pocket to that strechy material. You can also contact ULA and ask them any questions you have. I own a conduit from 2008. If memory serves me, they use to only have 2 sizes s/m and m/L for the conduit with a fixed hipbelt size. I have a ~19torso and was fitted by the former owner for th s/m size. Tell me what measurement you want I can measure my pack if that would help you decide its size.

02-12-2012, 14:45
I am the biggest in our group with a 36" waist so i think it would be the large size i am looking for and i am pretty sure my torso is a 19.5-20 based on the pack i currently have. Miner how do you like the pack? when i saw it being used in Scotland I was really impressed with it. Am i just living in a fantasy world for it or is it really that great?

02-12-2012, 15:30
Correction, my conduit is from summer of 2007, not 2008. It weighs 23oz with the Hydration sleeve and the water bottle holsters. Like I said, the hipbelt size in 2007 was one size fits all. Its a pretty minimalist hipbelt as its not designed to carry alot of weight. The pack size was determined by the torso length. Your torso size sounds like it would have been in the middle of the 2 packs sizes that existed back then so you may want the larger M/L size. If the conduit you are looking at is newer then 2007, its possible they had changed over to 3 sizes like the CDT is now. You'd have to contact ULA and ask them that. As I said, my pack is a sm/med size and the measuerment from the bottom of the hipbelt to the place the shoulder strap is sewed in is ~20". However, I have a size label "S/M" located just above and in between the shoulder straps by the carrying strap so I'm not sure why the guy you are buying from doesn't know the size. Surely he knows his torso length at least when he bought it?

My conduit is my primary pack for trips up to 6days. I have a '09 ULA Circuit for longer trips or those requiring over 30lbs. For pack weights in the mid 20's and less, it carries very comfortably and I love all the exterior pockets. I have occasionally carried 30lbs and it felt fine but I don't do so all day. It is a frameless pack so while the pack itself is strong enough to carry 50lbs, your shoulders would not be happy doing so. There is a internal pad sleeve for a 3/4 length pad to give it support and help transfer weight off the shoulders to the hips. However, it carries better the fuller it is, so I don't compress my sleeping bag, I stuff it in a large plastic bag to keep it dry, but which allows it to loft up and put that in the bottom of my pack since that rests on the upper butt, lower back for comfort and then put my food bag above that and the rest stuffed in above that. I have the internal hydration sleeve which works well with a 2.5L Platypus resevoir. Getting a gatoraid bottle out of the side pockets is easy.

02-13-2012, 18:33
Hi Miner, It is funny you have a Circuit, I have been wanting the Conduit and one of my friends wants the Circuit so I guess we both emulate you! We both got talked into Gregory Baltoros as packs we could grow into a long time ago and we never have filled them, ever since our first winter camp with them and a long hike the following summer we have wanted to go to a more light weight system, now that we both have jobs we are both buying gear as we can. We cant afford to be away for a full through hike but we are looking for something in the 3-4 wk time this summer before we go off to college. I havent heard back from the guy who was selling the used Conduit online so i guess he sold it to some one else. I really liked the looks of the Conduit and i think I like it more than the new CDT, i really like the roll top on the Conduit. To much information I know sorry, so let me ask the question I wanted to ask about your Conduit, will a old version of a ridge rest full pad, 20x72 fit in the were to foam back support pad goes?
thanks for all the insight

02-13-2012, 19:08
A full length pad folds too thick to fit in the internal pad sleeve as it was designed for a 3/4 length pad. I think it was sized for the 3/4 length z-rest though I use a gossamer Gear Torso pad with no problems. To make a foam pad easier to slip into the sleeve, I use a silnylong stuff sack over the pad since they are pretty slippery. Otherwise it takes a little effort to insert it.

However, you could still carry a full lenth pad folded against the back and not use the sleeve. Or just roll it in circle and insert it in the pack, putting all your gear in the center of it like you would with any frameless pack without a sleeve. I was told you can use an inflatible pad if you insert it deflated and inflate it after its in place.

02-14-2012, 08:32
I use a slightly inflated Prolite 3 short in my '08 Conduit. This year's model (08) does not have a pad sleeve. Just two angled elastic straps at the top to secure a pad. You can get a 3/4 lenght z-lite in there, but it takes up alot of space. :)