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02-14-2012, 13:22
Yesterday, I had to get work done on my car, so I was faced with having to occupy myself by wandering around Wal-Mart for a while. I ended up coming across a box of granola mix marketed by Emerald called Breakfast on the Go. There were a few flavor varieties: Breakfast nut blend (walnuts, craisins, yogurt-covered raisins, peanuts, and granola), Berry nut blend (peanuts, walnuts, yogurt-covered raisins, craisins, dried blueberries, and a little granola), and Oatmeal nut blend (almonds - maple-glazed and plain roasted, granola, raisins). I went with the Oatmeal nut blend.

The box comes with 5 pouches (making it a good resupply volume, imo) and cost $2.68. Apparently Wal-Mart considers this tax-exempt food, because I didn't get charged tax at all for it, which I thought you were for pre-prepared, packaged foods. Oh well, I won't complain, saved me 15 cents. Anyway, each 43g pouch has 190 Calories (80 from fat), 85mg sodium, 26g total carb (3g fiber, 12g sugar), and 5g protein. They pack small, are light, very easy to eat (although I can see the almonds being teeth-crackers on very cold mornings), and have some good flavor to them.

Oh, in addition, there's a coupon on the inside of the box for $1.50 off if you buy two boxes. If you wanted to hang on to that coupon until your next resupply. And wanted two boxes.

They seem like a viable item to go along with something like Pop-Tarts of honey buns that you can eat on the go, but with a little more nutritional value.

My take, anyway. If you haven't checked them out, I suggest it. I know I'll probably be adding them to my resupplies if I come across them. Probably empty all of the packets into one larger bag for a breakfast GORP, though. And just do a handful.

02-14-2012, 16:52
I bought a box a few months ago to eat as morning snacks at work. Yummy!

02-14-2012, 18:39
Had these in my pack on my last trip. Pretty tasty and the individual packaging was just the right size.

Rocket Jones
02-14-2012, 19:25
Thanks for the heads up! Those sound pretty good.

07-17-2012, 18:26
These are great! Hard to find at regular grocery stores for some reason, but Wal-mart always has them. I've had all the flavors and I like the Breakfast blend the best.

07-17-2012, 18:30
Yeah their great i eat them all the time, makes a great trail snack.

07-17-2012, 20:06
Not in the small packs mentioned, but we have been eating the Emerald brand coco covered almonds, pretty tasty.

Wise Old Owl
07-17-2012, 20:34
oh wow yes it's better than smoking.... http://sweetbay.gsnrecipes.com/GetImage.aspx?vector=V/y6gBLzML6+atNFznMeXONgRpRqCxtWAZbG+kWHrkke21xRZClo 8jdaqitFi03g

Biggie Master
07-17-2012, 22:04
Agreed -- these are a great option for a quick snack or breakfast supplement...

07-17-2012, 22:06
oh wow yes it's better than smoking.... http://sweetbay.gsnrecipes.com/GetImage.aspx?vector=V/y6gBLzML6+atNFznMeXONgRpRqCxtWAZbG+kWHrkke21xRZClo 8jdaqitFi03gthat's the ones, but coco, there pretty darn tasty.