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02-14-2012, 15:13
Hi recently bought a new pair of La Sportiva FC ECO 4.0 GTX hiking boots. I am just going to break them down and let you know how they feel so far.



These are a part of the ECO line so they use recycled nylon. They also sport a gortex liner, vibram sole, full shank, nubuck leather uppers, a toe and heel cap, braking system sole pattern, gusseted tongue, and the 4.0 is the hightop model. These are size 46, US 12.5, and weight in at 48 oz for the pair. Made in Vietnam according to the box. I bought them for 87 dollars total cost, retails at 175 dollars.

First Impression:

When I first took them out of the box I was very happy with the overall look and feel. I literally took them out of the box laced them up and went hiking. They are very stylish but not flashy or loud like my scarpa triolet that are bright orange. I went for a 8 mile hike/walk with my dog to break these in. It's a path along the Delaware and Rartain river canal. It's a perfectly flat trail that runs along the canal. There are some wet sections where I submerged the boots toe deep and the gortex worked so far. I figured this would be a good break in walk with no pack or elevation change. After the hike my feet felt great and the day after still felt fresh and ready to go again.

Second Outing (Final Break In):

So 2 days after my first hike I brought these out again this time on the AT section in the Delaware River Gap NJ side. Distance now at 18 miles and elevation change about 3k for the trip. This is an average section and a decent amount of rocks but not too much. I also loaded my pack with 30 lbs of gear and food just to try the shoes with a little weight (or alot of weight depending who you are). Honestly my feet felt just as good after this hike than with no weight; overall it was definately a harder hike but my feet held up great. Break-in-wise I feel like they are broken in and probably didnt really need any real breaking in. So far I have 26 miles of hiking in them and there are no hot spots, rubbing, or blisters.

Final Thoughts:

Although I dont know how these will hold up long term, I feel like they will last based on La Sportiva's reputation as one of the best hiking boots on the market. I am very satisfied with my purchase.


The laces are thicker than laces of other hiking boots I have had, they tend to untie easily. I fixed this issue by simply double knotting them. I also bought a new pair of Power Step orthodotics. This isnt because the boots arent comfortable but because no boot/shoe has enough arch support for me. With orthodotics these boots will probably be the most comfortable boots I have owned so far.

02-15-2012, 19:05
Since another thread wanted more disclosure for gear reviews I will add that I am not profiting in anyway from posting this gear review.

Also I plan to use these on my thru hike in March.