View Full Version : Early Start Do to blood MT

02-15-2012, 21:29
I was going to start the Feb 29 but considering starting the 26th due to blood mtn bear can vault thing?
yes-no skip it? it ant but 5 miles?

max patch
02-15-2012, 21:49
Yes, its a 5 mile stretch that includes Woods Hole and Blood Mountain shelters. Start on the 29th as planned and camp just before or just after this 5 mile bear vault zone. No big deal. Stupid azz regulation, though.

Sierra Echo
02-15-2012, 21:51
I wonder if the bears realize they have been confined to a 5 mile stretch of the trail.

02-15-2012, 22:35
thanks anyy nice shelters their before or after. and i second that about the regulation. The will just move up or down and they will make it someone elzes problem.:rolleyes:

Mountain Mike
02-16-2012, 00:01
Stay at Gooch Gap Shelter & hike to Neels Gap & resupply there & maybe stay at hostel. Kinda a long day for start of hike but doable especially if you have little weight in your food bag.