View Full Version : montbell is great stuff

02-21-2012, 17:02
i use the jacket great stuff

Don H
02-21-2012, 17:25
I have two U.L. Super Spiral Down Huggers sleeping bags (#3 and #5) and love them both. I might even buy a #1. They are the warmest, most comfortable bags I own, even compared to my Feathered Friends and Marmot down bags!

Senor Jalapeno
02-21-2012, 19:13
Heck yea! I have the super spiral down hugger #1 and the U.L down jacket. Best purchases ive made!

02-21-2012, 19:36
I just bought a Montbell Alpine Light Down Parka. Brown Santa has it scheduled for delivery on Thursday. :D

bamboo bob
02-22-2012, 17:42
I love Montbell, puffy jacket is gretat also my favorite bag in the world. I wish they made more stuff.

10-28-2012, 18:24
i use the jacket great stuffthe Japanese beat us in almost everything

10-28-2012, 18:48
The MontBell dynamo pants are amazing. Even after several months of almost constant wear, they show no signs of aging. The fabric is amazingly strong for such a light product. At first, I would baby the pants because I thought they would be fragile, but I soon found myself using them just like any other pants. MontBell USA sales and service folks have always gone out of their way to help me, and insure that as a customer I am satisfied. Their products might cost a bit more to begin with, but they are worth it.

10-28-2012, 22:26
Old thread but i'll bite.

I used the Thermawrap parka (has a hood) for my AT hike. Lasted the whole way and i still use it in the Sierra.
Lost a bit of it's loft, i estimate about a third, but that is after 100 plus days of being squished into and out of the pack
and being used as a pillow.

Two thoughts on the Montebell thermawrap parka: #1 size up. If you are a mediun.. get the large.
#2 the parka was great even unprotected in the rain. Stayed reasonably warm even when soaked and dried on my body an hour after the rain stopped.

For 99 bucks i think i got a deal considering it is still in service today.
Don't think it would hold up to the Smokeys at 20 degrees again but all in all a good piece of gear.
I really wish there was an American made version of this garment to replace mine when it finally dies.