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Mother Natures Son
02-23-2012, 20:27
I have an pair of hiking boots that must be over 20 years old. (Danner Mt. Lite) I had them resolded once and now they need resolded again. (I use them for "light duty" jobs such as around the house etc.) They are too heavy to use on the trail anymore. Can a heavy weight boot be resoled more than one time? The leather is still in good shape and I would hate to part with these old friends. In their day, those boots saw a lot of the trail and then some!

kayak karl
02-23-2012, 20:45
yes, if the sub sole is not damaged, but even then some places can melt them on.
did i meet you on Mt Mosilocki?


Wise Old Owl
02-23-2012, 20:51
I disagree _RETIRE THEM all to often we get strangely attached to old stuff.... Commodore 64 Windows 95 for example... Boots and runners are the same with new lightweight materials - Time to move on and explore...

Welcome back.... haven't seen a post in a while MNS.

kayak karl
02-23-2012, 21:15
he wants them ass a work boot. that's a great boot and has more years. i still have Florsheim Wingtips from 75 resoled 4 times LOL

02-23-2012, 21:17
Do not discard an old friend because they are worn and slightly tired. Yes, resole them. A good shoe man can do wonders to restore your firends to serviceability. I hate to disagree with WOO, but I love some of my old friends and know what you are saying.

02-23-2012, 21:37
I'd resole them and I'd also replace the foot beds/insoles with a new ones for better arch support. Nothing like having a good pair of boots!:)

02-23-2012, 21:50
i agree with owl.why do you want to wear heavy boots? i have a pair of keen klamaths that are comfortable, but theyre just too heavy.
maybe use them as planters.

02-24-2012, 01:19
When I finally had to depart with beloved hiking shoes, I buried them in the back yard between the bunny and the turtle. I had a brief shoe-neral, complete with a shulegy.