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02-26-2012, 23:27
I was thinking of getting a light weight waterproof glove and the Sealskin gloves would seem like a good choice, but I keep seeing mixed reviews on them. I just want a glove that will keep my hands dry and warm in 40 degree rainy weather. Also be grippy and under 50 dollars. Thanks in advance for any help on Sealskin gloves.

02-27-2012, 00:28
... Sealskin gloves ... I keep seeing mixed reviews on them. ...
. Thanks in advance for any help on Sealskin gloves.

I'm pretty negative on the gloves and slightly better on the sox.

You will notice that there is a porus fabric on the outside. So, cold rain gets absorbed until it evaporates (removes heat) or is replaced by fresh cold rain. My gloves are not tight but may restrict blood flow some.

I am using mittens, a shell and liner, but still like the dexterity of gloves.


02-27-2012, 00:59
NRS Maverick gloves with hydrocuff. Much better reviews than Sealskin. The biggest problem with paddling gloves is that really waterproof gloves are also so warm your hands will sweat like crazy. Which defeats the purpose of being waterproof. $42.95 at NRS.

Montana AT05
02-27-2012, 21:05
I use seal skin gloves and like them. I've used them in the 40 degree range you mentioned. They work fine. I haven't used other styles so I am not saying they are the best, I am just saying they work.

Their grips is excellent, they are flexible and keep my hands warm and dry (yes they do seem porous, but I think that is fine, heck, most rainwear on any part of the body results in a soaking by sweat anyways.

I use the socks as well with sandals for backpacking and they've been great.

I have tried to find a light weight glove shell (no fingers just thumb) but I can never find them in a store and have never mail ordered them.

But for gripping poles, equipment, rocks, roots, etc and for keeping my hands safe from cold rains, Seal Skins work.

02-28-2012, 19:22
Thank you for the review of Sealskin gloves. After alot of looking online they seem to be the best glove for what I want.