View Full Version : Medicine Bow Natonal Forest in WY

02-27-2012, 09:23
Has anyone hiked/cabin/fished MedicineBow National Forest? Do you mind givingme some input?

My brother, whom likes fly fishingwishes for the family to go out West this summer. I prefer to backpack, normally a couplenights at a time, just to get away from the crowds.

The thought would be to rent a cabinas a base site and just fly into WY. Thetime and gas spent driving from the east coast to WY, makes it cheaper to takea plane.

We looked at some cabins available fromthe National forest, but they book up quick, and very little information seemsto available,

We are looking for a place where wecan hike into a mountain lakes and streams for fishing, and I can put in atleast one overnight backpack trip.

We are not stuck on Medicaine Bow, just looking to go west, my brother wants to fish, and I want to hike, and since the families are coming and we all are flying in,, we thought we would get a Cabin

Any suggestions?


02-28-2012, 10:26
I did an overnighter on my way back from MT a few years ago. Hiked up to Medicine Bow Peak which for a 12k peak wasn't too strenuous. Did some fly fishing in some of the lakes. I did hike in a mile or two to get to them but there are also some closer to the roads/trailheads but obviously the fishing get better the further you get away from the crowds. As far as cabins go I'm not to sure but there are plenty of campgrounds available. You may want to google info for Saratoga, WY as there were a lot of outfitters and services offered there in town.