View Full Version : MSR Hubba vs Hubba Hubba

The Tank
03-01-2012, 14:05
So, for years (since Boy Scouts) I have had a Kelty external frame carrying a Eureka Timberline, 2 person tent. Time to downsize and upgrade! Recently purchased a Deuter and wow!!! My back is thanking me! Anyways, I love the MSR products, but I am stuck between purchasing a Hubba or a Hubba Hubba. I am 5'10", 175 lbs. I like to keep my gear inside the tent with me most of the time. It seems it would be extremely tight to keep my pack inside the tent if I purchased the Hubba. Is it too uncommon for a solo hiker to carry the extra weight and carry a 2 person tent? Thanks in advance!

03-01-2012, 14:27
Lots of people carry the hubba hubba from what I have seen. If it makes you more comfy to have your gear with you that is probably the better choice.

03-01-2012, 18:51
I think you'd be fine with just the Hubba. The vestibule is plenty big for your pack to fit in and stay dry.

03-01-2012, 20:02
On my hike last year, I started with the Hubba Hubba NOBO, then when I flipped to Katahdin, I switched to the Hubba to offset the weight of the heavier clothes. I also started staying in shelters more headed SOBO, thus less of a need. Although the Hubba worked and you could keep the pack in the vestibule I was happier with the bigger tent. I never had a condensation issue with the Hubba Hubba, but occasionally did with the smaller version. The vestibule worked for keeping the pack dry, but not as well as keeping it in the tent. The backpack may have also had an affect on the airflow. The larger tent is a luxury item, but if you prefer the tent over shelters or tend to hike shorter days (thus spending more time in the tent) you may want to consider it.