View Full Version : Another Pack Shop bites the Dust

coach lou
03-05-2012, 11:59
This is another unfortunate sign of the times. 'The North Cove Outfitters", in Old Saybrook Connecticut, has closed their door. They had good gear for many different outdoor sports. It was in an old grocery store, pack shop, Fly shop, gun shop, down stairs kayaks, canoes, and tents. A leader in community projects and childrens outdoor groups.A sad sign of our times that in this great outdoors loving country that we can't keep this type of business open.

03-05-2012, 12:18
It is tough for the little local shops to compete with the big online retail places.


03-05-2012, 13:14
I worked there after both my AT thru and my PCT thru attempt, first time in the camping department and second in the kayak department. It's really sad that they're closing the doors. The owners are two very good people, and the employees there as well. Some of them became lasting friends. Really unfortunate, and sad to see it go. My best wishes to all there finding new jobs.

coach lou
03-05-2012, 13:38
It is tough for the little local shops to compete with the big online retail places.


There was a shop, 'Trailblazers', in Guilford. I got most of my go-to [I hate that term],gear from them years past. They moved to Branford and became a camping boutique. We fixed the owners car and I told him that I was very disappointed with the changes and he understood where I was coming from, but had to go this way and could not compete with the big on-line shops. Now I will have to road trip down to Campmor, in NJ because , like many here... I have to touch my stuff before I buy, especialy with all this chinese junk on the market.

bamboo bob
03-05-2012, 13:40
Every time I want to buy gear I try my local shop, and almost every time he doesn't have what I want because LD hiking is just not that popular and a minor part of his business if any.. So I can wait while he orders something for me or get it online myself. He's got all sorts of gear for hunting and fishing but lightweight back packing? Nope. It is just too specialized, really has nothing to do with big box or china. Unless you consider MSR a ruthless capitalist exploiter in which case I can't help you. My local guy sees no market for it. I also don't see "the problem" as being about not enough people going into the woods. The woods are pretty crowded as is. Maybe in the past people bought expensive gear locally but it looks to me that people just have other interests.

03-05-2012, 14:05
And then there's the problem? of cottage industry.

03-05-2012, 15:54
I've always liked cottage cheese, but beyond that, I'm buying my gear from whoever has the best price.

03-05-2012, 16:00
It's an abomination. Just terrible.

Feral Bill
03-05-2012, 16:20
[QUOTE= I'm buying my gear from whoever has the best price.[/QUOTE] You need to consider what your getting for your money. Service and knowledge have real value, as does warrantee.

lemon b
03-07-2012, 21:17
You got that right Bill.
Sorry their closing up shop.

03-07-2012, 21:26
I always hate to see the small shops close. I honestly try to buy a bit from all of the shops around my area and the areas I hike. I am guilty, however, of always buying the big ticket items from the cheapest online (tax-free) retail giant. (Usually Moosejaw) Good luck to the folks from North Cove Outfitters.

03-08-2012, 08:16
It's a hard life selling stuff people don't really need, but we all have to do it.