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rock n roll n hike
03-05-2012, 20:20
So I know right now I'm a section hiker, but I just got back from a hike up at unicoi gap and received some trail magic in the form of a lone Coleman pot sitting in an empty campsite. Now normally I would have left it for a thru but it turns out my mess kit from boy scouts is pretty much done. Needless to say I have a new cookpot and thanks to the trail angel!

I got down off rocky mountain and I was waiting on some friends who went into town so my fellow hiker and I decided to clean up the parking lot and try to repay the trail any way we could. The next day up on top of blue mtn. We also gave water to a few thru's from the north heading back that way. The giving of trail magic, even something as small as a top off of clean water, feels even better than receiving it! I think it is because the people you are helping are truly grateful. I had a wonderful experience on my short trip in spite of staying on the top of rocky mtn through that hellish storm and it was the people as much as the scenery that made it that way.

I am aspiring towards a 2014 thru hike right now and I have decided to start training and planning now. I was planning on going this year but life didn't allow it... So I will be up there most likely near ga/nc since its closest and now I will most definitely be bringing extra water and maybe a few more beers to leave up there for you thru's!
Trail magic....good stuff

03-07-2012, 00:19
Cool man. I agree, giving trail magic is better than receiving trail magic! If you end up doing a thru hike in 2014, I might see you out there. If all goes to plan (when does it ever), I will be attempting another thru in March 2014. Hope to see you out there.

03-07-2012, 19:45
Simple pleasures. As a day hiker, I try to make a point of offering to carry trash out for thru hikers. It's entertaining to see someone get happy about getting rid of an ounce or two of trash.

rock n roll n hike
03-07-2012, 20:55
Hope to see you out there if everything "goes to plan" ... But this has gotten me started thinking about other ways to become a larger part of this community while I'm working towards my thru hike. Im lucky that I'm only a few hours drive away and I am going to try to get more involved.

And I agree about the trash. I always have tried to practice no trace camping and now I feel good just leaving the place clean whether I messed it up or not. And you know those thru hikers don't want an ounce of uselessness in their packs