View Full Version : NOBO 2012 Gearlist: Any suggestions?

03-06-2012, 19:31
I'm heading to Georgia in just over a week, this is my current gear list, probably subject to slight revisions over the next few days. Any thoughts on what is or isn't necessary?

Deuter ACT Lite 60+10
Cat's Meow Northface 20 synthetic mummy bag
Big Agnes Seedhouse SL1
Sheet of tyvek for footprint (cut to size)
Black diamond cork handle trekking poles
small z-lite sleeping pad
Gregory pack cover

32 oz. nalgene
Camelbak 100oz. hydration bladder
Steripen w/ pre-filter

Trangia alcohol stove
1 qt. cooking pot w/ lid
ziploc w/ cotton rounds soaked in wax (firestarters)
16oz. water bottle filled w/ denatured alcohol
Sea to Summit titanium allow knife/spoon/fork set

Petzl headlamp
Gerber multi-tool (has knife)
2"x1" multi-tool: thermometer/compass/level/ruler/magnifying glass/firestarter/mirror/whistle/LED light

Fleece hat
Smartwool neck gaiter
1 bandana
Dri-fit short sleeve
Capilene lightweight long sleeve and bottoms
Fleece vest
Patagonia rain jacket
REI E1 shell w/ fleece lining
Northface 3 in 1 hiking pants
2 pair merino wool socks
3 pair nylon undies
nylon sports bra
Hiking boots
Flip flops
cotton tank (possibly bounce boxing this one)

TP (wrapped in ductape)
half size toothbrush/toothpaste
3 oz. bottle Dr. Bronner's
3 oz. shampoo
3 oz. conditioner
razor blade
2 oz. bottle w/ bleach
3 bobby pins
tissue pack

Foodbag w/ 3 days food

Bearbag cord

03-06-2012, 19:35
I forget to mention that all this minus the clothes and shoes on my person come to about 30lbs.

03-06-2012, 19:49
Ditch the nalgene, go with gatorade bottle, shampoo and condtioner? Bonners is plenty (some people use nothing). Fuel bottle to big, lose the razor and shave in town. Probably a pound right there.:) Have fun and be safe.

03-06-2012, 21:37
What's your back-up water treatment when that Steripen fails?

03-06-2012, 23:04
Looks good. If you need changes, you'll figure it out as you go..

03-07-2012, 09:13
Ah, another Texan. No camera or phone? Trail guide? If you are concerned about weight I would consider getting ride of the Gerber multi-tool and the other multi tool. Get a small knife or use a single edge razor blade. Also look at flip-flops, you really don't need a ground sheet for the tent, Naglene and Camelback are very heavy, replace with a couple of Gatorade bottles. The biggest weight saving I see is the sleeping bag but it will come at a price.

For sure stop in at Neels Gap for a shakedown

03-07-2012, 12:29
Ah, yes - I am taking an iPhone, as well as the databook and companion - only the section I need before my first maildrop.

I decided on the nalgene so that on cold nights, I would be able to fill with boiled water and put into my sleeping bag for some added warmth. Not worth the weight?

Red Hat
03-07-2012, 13:24
agree with swjohnsey. Ditch both multitools and get a tiny swiss knife ($10 a Walmart). you don't need groundsheet, shampoo, or conditioner. If you have time, we could meet up and I can help you with a shakedown before you leave. I live in Brenham and could meet halfway. No the nalgene is not worth the weight. If you boil water at night, have some camomile tea. That helps keep you warm. Wear socks to sleep in. Any, yes a better sleeping bag is worth its weight in gold. Check for good used ones, esp. Western Mountaineering.

Forget about the steripen. It won't last a week. Get some aqua mira, hard to find here, but available along the trail. Pick some up at Mountain Crossings (Neel Gap). I know folks will gripe about not using something, but the water in GA is awesome.

03-07-2012, 13:30
Cat's Meow Northface 20 synthetic mummy bag - dump this and buy a good down bag. You'll save several pounds and be much warmer.

03-07-2012, 16:05
i went synthetic instead of down b/c of how wet the trail can be. is this not something i should consider?

03-07-2012, 16:07
thanks red hat, lost almost a pound ditching most of that stuff

03-07-2012, 17:03
i went synthetic instead of down b/c of how wet the trail can be. is this not something i should consider?

Carry down, almost everyone does. It's lighter, packs down smaller and is much warmer. Just make sure your sleeping bag and clothes are inside good stuff sacks and then inside something like a trash compactor bag and you'll have no problems.

Red Hat
03-07-2012, 18:54
i went synthetic instead of down b/c of how wet the trail can be. is this not something i should consider?
I carry my Western Mountaineering bag inside a trash compactor bag at the very bottom of my pack. Squish it down and put everything else on top. The trash compactor bag keeps everything dry. Like I said "worth its weight in gold"!

03-12-2012, 11:17
My dad has a cats meow 20*. He froze in 40* temps while wearing all the clothes he brought. Ditch it, get a down bag. If you have a plastic trash bag, it will probably stay dry.