View Full Version : 1st week in April

03-26-2005, 19:33
Hello. I will be starting my thru during the first or second week of april, and I'm considering carrying a hammock. My sleep-on-the-ground shakedown hikes have left me sore sore sore. :mad:

I'll probably pick up a hennessey, but I need the more experienced hammock crowd to allay my fears...

Without an underquilt, am I gonna freeze my bum off in North GA??

I've got a 20deg mummy bag, though the ETR should be about 35. This bag may be ditched in favor of a homemade quilt... I've also got a couple blue foam pads laying about.


03-26-2005, 20:41
Loose the pad and get an under quilt...you'll never be tempted to sleep on the "sore" ground again....Less weight..less bulk....more comfort.

03-26-2005, 21:11
i have slept down to 30 degree with my poncho liner underquilt and a quarter inch closed cell pad between my hammock and poncho under quilt,i and my speer over quilt,soon as i get the money i am gonna get jacks r better over and under quilt set.:cool: neo