View Full Version : Solio Bolt Solar Charger - Backpacking Field Test

03-12-2012, 14:08
Backpacking field review of the Solio Bolt, portable USB solar recharger.
I used this product for 2 consecutive days of hiking in Harriman State Park in mid March. With no foliage to cover the sun but a chill in the air, I put this product to the test in a real life backpacking situation.


03-13-2012, 02:42
I thought this solar charger (http://www.sencart.com/Supply-solar-gadgets_c101?page=1) would be useful, but it turned out not.

First, It has to be exposed direct sunlight ( to be charged). How many of you can get direct sunlight all the day?
I can get sunlight for this battery about three or four hour and this is not much enough.
Second, the sun is moving continuosly. If you want best result, you should change the angle of charger.

03-13-2012, 19:04
I certainly got as direct an angle that I could, but it was not enough. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, just not tenable for backpacking, at least on te east coast.

Wise Old Owl
03-13-2012, 21:03
Well when he was holding it and I saw the collectivity - I knew how bad the video was going to turn out...