View Full Version : Bear canister-really

jeremiah j
03-15-2012, 16:14
Anyone really using bear canister bet5ween Jarrard Gap and Neels. Or are people just camping at Jarrard or Neels?:sunThanks

03-15-2012, 16:29
No. Most of what the Forest Service asks is ignored. Some just don't camp there, that's what the Forest Service wants anyway. They are too cheap or lazy to fix it right, so they come up with some lame requirement. Hang your food if you camp there. I have not seen one bear canister......

04-02-2012, 18:25
Last week everyone at Hawk Mountain Shelter (save one) either had a canister or plans to avoid staying the night in that section. The one exception had not heard about the requirement until reading the notice at the shelter.