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03-15-2012, 16:42
In about 13 days I will be waking up in HH and heading to the trail. I've been tweaking and tweaking my gear selection and I think Im at 95% completion. This year has been a very mild winter and it looks like spring is here. With the lows around 50F from Ga-Va, would it wise to swap out my 25degree bag for my 40? leave to gloves? leave the fleece liner for my rain shell? I know weather in and around the smokies is tempramental at best. I'm just curious what you guys would do if you were leaving in less than 2 weeks. i would hate to carry all that crap, not need it and go through the hastle of having someone send me my warmer weather gear.. then again I'd hate to leave it and be caught in 20degree nights with no gloves and a 40degree bag.. catch my drift?

so, to avoid confusion i am not asking for advice, someone to tell me to research weather trends over the past decade and formulate my own plan... I'm just asking what you would do, given the knowledge you have, don't have, or think you have.

03-15-2012, 17:08
disregard post

Stir Fry
03-15-2012, 17:12
I would not make the change untill Domascus Va. We did have a mild winter and and early spring. But you could still get alot of cold weather at highter elivations. I have seen it 85 and sunny in Concord NC and when I got on the trail 4 hr later there was sleet and ice, below 30 at night. Have a great hike.

03-15-2012, 17:13
We ought to run into each other. I am doin' the approach by way of the Hike Inn on the 29th and should start at Springer on the 30th. I am taking a 35 degree bag but keeping my fleece top, bottoms, mittens and balacava until Pearisburg. If it gets into the teens on Mount Rogers just put on everything and hunker down. I'm gonna take a look at the 10 day corecast before I leave and again at Damascus before takin' on Mount Rogers.

03-15-2012, 23:04
thank you. they say the only stupid question is one that isnt asked.
i've decided not to do the approach, i'll see you there though. i have plenty of time, i plan on taking my time...