View Full Version : Rock'in them hiills

Many Moons
03-17-2012, 22:29
Thanks or the advice that some gave, and some were butts! But, see ya'll on Springer on the 8th of April!!!! I am old and have a bum foot, but am going to give it a good hearted two week go!! Going to give it 100% every day, see if I pass you or you pass me!! What time is it? Miller Time or just call me Many Moons! Looking forward to the trail and meeting the many characters that are going to be out there. I will not take up any shelter space unless things change in how I plan on hitting it. I have a heavy pack that the hiker box hitters will like as I discard the things that are not needed. Plenty of cash and plenty of time, looking forward to a good time! Buy you a beer in town if you are near! Later!!!!