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03-20-2012, 11:34
I've read through the multitude of posts on sleeping bags, brands, models, temp ratings etc. I am getting back into more dedicated hiking with some planned section hikes this year, initially in and around Virginia, PA etc.. I am looking at bags in the 35-40 range for weight considerations and the fact that I am ok with sleeping in a light layer (or more) if necessary. If I am off, let me know.

I have narrowed it down to the Marmot Atom and WM Caribou (both Long). They are within $70 of each other, Marmot being cheaper of course, at current deal prices. Dimensions and weight are almost dead on. The Marmot is rate 5 degrees cooler. There is an obvious loyalty to the WM bags and then tend to run warmer than their ratings. Anyone with direct experience with the bags care to comment on which one to go with? Is the extra $70 worth the upgrade? From other experiences it looks like the WM could last a long, long time with proper care, so maybe the $70 is a good investment? Thanks from a relative newbie....

03-20-2012, 11:44
I have a Marmot Atom, and a WM Megalite (sorry, no Caribou). IMO, there is an obvious quality improvement in the WM. That is not to say the Atom isn't a good bag, because it is. If an extra $70 is no big deal to you, I say go for the WM. If you watch the Gear Deals section on BPL, you will occasionally see postings for dealers with discounted WM bags, or WM bags with free overfill.

I should also add that I haven't used either of those bags since I got a couple of down quilts. More comfortable sleeping, and more versatile.

03-20-2012, 12:01
Thanks. Which quilts have you been using? I haven't ruled those out either, especially since I am more of a stomach sleeper...

03-20-2012, 12:56
I'm a big quilt guy as well. I have a nunatak arc alpinist and a WM cloud 9 twin size comforter. both great

I'd look a the thermarest options--they look nice and are low priced.

WM is a bit higher in quality over marmot IMO

03-20-2012, 16:05
I've had a WM Carabou long for a few years now. Absolutely love it. Light, compresses to nothing, high quality, etc. However, I am a very cold sleeper and got chilled in this bag when it reached the high 30's (wearing a base layer with a good sleeping pad). I know it's limits and use it accordingly. I love the extra room in this bag. When I need a warmer bag, I use my WM Alpinlite. :)