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03-21-2012, 22:24
If you know of a good gear list that seems to be complete but light weight can you please post a link. My list is almost done and I'd like to do some comparisons. Thanks. 2013 NOBO Mid-March.

Jersey Tim
03-21-2012, 22:41
Winton Porter's is a good start.


03-21-2012, 22:49
Thanks Jersey Tim!

Jersey Tim
03-21-2012, 23:03
You're welcome! It's not the lightest, but it's a pretty good benchmark. The article on the preceding pages is interesting as well.

03-21-2012, 23:56
Give us some idea how much $ you want to spend and how much you want to carry, as well as when/where you want to hike and we can be a bit more helpful. You could get a few things better/lighter if you want to spend a lot more money (especially the shelter and raincoat)

For a mid/late march start this would probably be fine:

As a starting point...
Here's a dead-simple one:
Big 4:
6x10 etowah silnylon tarp + 50 feet kelty triptease+12 vargo tent stakes=14 oz, $120 total
thermarest ridgerest short, trimmed to size: 10 oz, $25
thermarest alpine down blanket 35 deg, $240, 21 oz
Zpack Zero small with 2 side pockets 3.5 oz, $110

O2 rainwear hooded jacket $30, 5 oz
Western Mountaineering flight Vest 6 oz, $150
Clothing to taste (includes things worn)
poly T-shirt
running shorts
Medium weight long sleeve shirt (bring 2 if you're afraid of cold)
Medium weight long sleeve pants optional
fleece hat
2 pairs 1/4 length rurnning socks
1 pair heavyweight wool socks
running shoes/train runners/sandals bought 1 size too large
cotton bandanna
add some shell gloves if you use trekking poles. Otherwise not needed.

home made Supercat alcohol stove 1 oz, $1
1L titanium pot 5 oz, $50
Titanium spoon 1 oz, $20
1 20oz bottled-water bottle for alcohol fuel
3x 32 oz gatorade bottles 5 oz total
aqua mira, 3 oz
2 mini-lighters (bics are fine)

misc stuff:
mp3 player that runs off of aaa batteries
ALDHA trail companion, print pages off about 3 resupplies ahead
dental-floss container with floss, nail clippers, sewing needle, duct tape, other small things
toothbrush, toothpaste
add in a headnet when you hit the bugs

Dry bag large enough for sleeping bag+down vest
food bag
bag for misc stuff

03-28-2012, 10:15
There's a bunch, and I'm sure you saw the ones on the homepage here? Skurka has a bunch for various types of trips/expeds

Backpackinglight.com too, but some of the content you need to be a member