View Full Version : Expanding Waypoint Database

03-26-2012, 22:33
I'm attempting to expand upon the database of points located here (http://www.sophiaknows.com/atdb/) to use for a text-based tracker program that I'm finishing up (much later than originally anticipated). I've added some of the Approach Trail points, state borders, the approximate mid-way point, and boundaries for GSMNP, SNP, and 100-Mile Wilderness. Also, I've re-dialed the miles based on the AT being 2181 miles (used Awol's AT Guide as reference), plus the 8.8 miles for the Approach Trail.

After I finish cleaning it up, I'll make it available to WB members. I just wanted to know if there were any other things I should include? I'm thinking the White Mountains boundaries like I did for the other parks, Grayson Highlands pony spot... I dunno yet.

So... ideas?