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12-19-2002, 03:59
Sooner or later a lot of us will wonder what the others really look like or sound like, and I know many of us will begin thru-hikes soon, but it also seems like many many of us are section hikers....so why not banter around the idea of a get-together somewhere sometime for maybe a dayhike, a bar-b-q, a beer drinking session, whatever....just wanted to bring it up and stir the coals a bit. Maybe even a WhiteBlaze tattoo session, so think of where you might want that 2x5 inch white blaze!

12-19-2002, 08:05
Sounds good here in Raleigh. I say we meet at Mountain Mama's.

12-19-2002, 08:51
Get a table at Trail Days

12-19-2002, 10:41
How about some regional get-togethers timed with the thru-hiker bubble? Anyone for July in New England?

Jack Tarlin
12-19-2002, 15:44
Most of the folks hiking next year won't be in New England in July, they'll still be in pennsylvania. Alternate suggestions: Trailfest in Hotsprings, Trail Days in Damascus, the Gathering in Hanover in October. Also, the PA Hiker Ruck in late January 2003 at Pine Grove Furnace Park would work, too, as it's sorta centrally located. Check out the AT Mailing List (www.backcountry.net)for details.

Jack Tarlin
12-19-2002, 15:52
The people putting the PA hiker get-together in 2003 can be found on the A.T. mailing list, or failing that, they have a website at http://friends.backcountry.net/ruck

There isn't any info there yet on the 2003 event (there will be soon) but this address will give you more information on the event, and by checking out the schedule, programs, etc. for the 2002 event, you'll get an idea about what goes on. I think they're expecting well over 100 people, some of 'em planning to hike, and many folks who have sectioned or completed a thru-hike. I've never been to one of these things, but I'm going to the 2003 one; sounds like a good time