View Full Version : moving from boots to trail runners - what are your favorite runners?

grateful 2
03-31-2012, 19:10
I am changing from lightweight boots to trail runners. Which ones (make and model) are your favorites for the AT and WHY?

03-31-2012, 19:19
Inov-8 295 -grip on wet rocks and roots in New England is unmatched -drain well, dry fast, light

grateful 2
03-31-2012, 19:29
I heard the Inov-8s are for narrow feet. Is that correct? I have a narrow heel, high arch, and a very wide toe box. Will these work? Because of a lack of local uppliers I will have to mail order over the internet.

03-31-2012, 19:53
It depends on which model you're talking about.

I found the Roclite 370 to be wider than my Asolo boots.

I found the Roclite 315 to be slightly wider, but barely so.

The Terroc 330 was significantly more comfortable in the toe box.

The Roclite 295 has about the same width in the toe box, but the shape is slightly better, although I'm not crazy about the wider heel tread.

I recently wore through a pair of lower level New Balance shoes, and found that although my toes had plenty of room (slightly more than the Terroc 330), the sole tapered in too early behind the toe box , and its edge would occasionally jab into the arch of my foot. That had nothing to do with high or low arch, only that the arch area of the sole was too narrow.

I recently tried on Merrell Trail Gloves, but found that it felt really weird under my forefoot.

Unless I get deterred by a really good deal, my next pair of shoes will be Altra Lone Peak trail running shoes. I've read good things about the fit, and it also has a rock plate, zero drop and a relatively well cushioned midsole.

03-31-2012, 20:42
Make and model doesn't mean that much because they keep changing.
Fit is very important, especially if you want trail runners with less padding.

What I look for:
0. Fit.
1. Light weight when soaking wet.
2. Very little padding so they hold less water and dry out faster.
3. Material that breathes well, and doesn't absorb water.
4. No flashy materials and logos that add weight and create hard points.
5. A waffle tread, or something very close to it, in a soft rubber, but not too soft.
6. 6-10 ounces in a size 12. Trail runner or running flat.

I liked the adidas adizeros when they first came out, but not anymore.

I also hike in a soft leather ankle boot that wieghs 15 oz per shoe. No padding. Very thin rubber sole. No heel, just an extra layer of the rubber. Resoled twice myself. Sealed with beeswax once a year. 15 years old. Worn mostly in last 3 years since I dug them out and resoled them the first time.

03-31-2012, 20:43
New Balance 806

Never looked back...........

03-31-2012, 20:56
This is my left boot. 15oz.

04-01-2012, 07:43
NB minimus are great. Theyre available in a 2E width as well. They fit me perfectly and have helped take my running to a new level but i havent done any serious hiking in them yet.

04-01-2012, 08:45
NB 814 ...I found them on sale for $49.95 and bought two pair. They will last me about a year and then if I can't find them on sale I will move on to something else. I bought them last Sept. They were my first Trail Runners. They won't be my last.

04-01-2012, 09:14
After I made the same decision, it took 2000 trail miles to finally find one that fit just right for the new concept of hiking 25-mile days. For me that was New Balance 8XX series, whatever number they're up to now. Some hikers think NB fit about as well as the box they come in, though. The main reason they're good for me is they come in D, EE, and EEEE and I need the EEEE. The only thing that really matters is if it fits you. And that's really hard to tell in the store. A friend says you can hike 15 miles in almost anything. After that the little things really start to make a difference. I hope you find yours quicker than I found mine.

04-01-2012, 09:27
La Sportiva Wildcat - fits me perfectly, light, breathable, dries quick, not one issue with grip

04-01-2012, 09:40
I'm going to be rocking my Salomon XA Pro's for the second year. I've been through a few pairs, but I wear them about 5 days a week around town and to work. They just work for me, but I can only wear the M+ version (wide).

04-15-2012, 12:19
Inov-8 295s are what I've been using for years, here and at home in PA. I'm on my second pair. I have average width feet and lace mine pretty tight, there is lots of room in the toebox too, so I don't think being too narrow would be an issue for you, as long as you size up a half which many people recommend.

04-15-2012, 19:51
Merrell also released the Trail Glove in a wide. The toe box was always wide but now the instep area is wider which was a complaint for many reviewers.

New Balance offers the Minimus MT10 in a 2E width and the Minimus 00 in a 4E as well as the usual D widths.

Vivobarefoot offers both the Neo Trail (waterproof) and the Breatho (not waterproof). These feel great and fit wider feet even in the normal D widths. Pretty agressive soles on both of these and a different feel than Merrell Trail Gloves.

04-15-2012, 20:33
Salomon XA Pro Ultra 2 Trail Running Shoes (women's) and I love them! Best part is never having to re-tie laces again!

04-16-2012, 13:22
Salomon XA Pro Ultra 2 Trail Running Shoes (women's) and I love them! Best part is never having to re-tie laces again!

I liked those too (not the woman's version) But I have mixed feeling about the speed laces. It was really cool how fast I could take my shoes off and put them on, I really liked how easy it was to let my feet breath every time I stopped. On the other hand my feet spread out while I was on the AT and my shoes got kind of tight in the toe box. With normal laces I would be able to use one of those lace tricks to leave them super loose down low and tie them tighter up higher. However, with the speed laces I had to leave the whole thing super loose which caused rubbing in the backs of my shoes.

For me at least they are too ultra light for the AT in NH but down in oh say VA they're awesome.