View Full Version : THANKS to Gary at the Blueberry Patch

04-05-2012, 14:34
tribhu (tree-boo) here.

started on 03-11 and just landed in damascus, va - 465mi in 26days - whew!

just wanted to post a (belated) HUGE thanx to Gary from the Blueberry Patch. when i hiked to the gap at hiawassee, ga back on 03-16, Gary pulled up dropping off three other thru-hikers. he saw me standing there and decided, cuz the guy truly does live by the golden rule, to do unto me as he would have done unto him, to take me 16mi out of his way into town to resupply! the guy is just awesome. he says he just "serves his Lord," and i say he truly serves his Lord well!

if you read this - thanx Gary! and God Bless!

-tribhu :)

04-05-2012, 15:04
Yeah, Gary and Lennie are awesome people.

Rumor had it Blueberry Patch was closed. Perhaps later in the season then you were there? My initial reaction to the brief word I heard may have been health related. Hopefully the rumor was false or Lennie or Gary are doing better.

04-06-2012, 08:32
they opened a bit later this year due to an illness in the family. all is well as of now.