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04-09-2012, 16:48
Looking for a 15deg bag from REI; done some searching on this site and narrowed it down to the Marmot Heluim 15 or Plasma 15. Both bags seem like good bags.

The Phantom seems to have a neck baffle the Heluim does not. Is the neck baffle worth the extra $100?

Is the vertical baffles a gimmick, or seem to work?

I am bit bigger at 5'10", broad shoulders, and about 200#'s. No crazy about mummy bags, but need something for an early spring trip in NH. The local REI does not have one I can try out. Does anyone with similar sizing care to comment if a regular or a long would be a better fit?

I could go either way, been going back and forth and the better bag, hoping to hear from someone else that had to make this decision...

04-09-2012, 16:54
Apologies, I meant the Marmot Plasma 15. I couldn't find a way to go back and edit the message. I was looking at the Mountain Hardware Bag to, but the Marmot bags seem to have a ton of good reviews...

04-10-2012, 10:28
It is a personal thing but I'd save the $100 and get the Helium. The Plasma is the latest and greatest but there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Helium. Look at the EN ratings, weight and then climb in the bag to make sure it fits and those are the important criterea.

04-10-2012, 10:37
I've got a Plasma 30* and a Helium. If I were to replace my bags I'd stay with a Helium for 15* and go to a Hydrogen for my 30*.

04-17-2012, 18:10
Thanks for all the replies.

Ended up with a Marmot Helium 15; from the forum on this site and a few others, all reviews said the Helium has a roomy cut. The local REI didn't have any of the Marmot bags to try so had to take a chance with a regular based on reviews. I wont know until I try it out in the field, but the regular for a big guy 5'10" with broad shouldered i had a pretty roomy fit. No claustrophobic feeling in this bag. Glad I didn't go with the large.

Thanks for all the help, hope this helps another big guy decide on a bag.

04-17-2012, 19:42
I have the Helium and its a great bag with a great fit. I had an REI bag that I returned because it was just too small for me. I'm 5'9" 240 lbs and have plenty of room in the Helium.

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04-17-2012, 20:54
Good choice, I love my Helium too... I am sure that the Plasma is a great bag too, but if I had to choose again I would still go with the Helium...


04-17-2012, 23:11
the plasma line of bags cut weight by making the bags slimmer that is part of the way they save weight. if you are worried about having room stay away from the plasma.

I am 5'8'' at a lean 195 with big shoulders I was a competitive swimmer. I tried on both of those bags before purchasing the helium. you should be happy with it.