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04-15-2012, 12:17
I was wondering if there are any cool sites in St. Anthony's wilderness aside from "the general"?

Spirit Walker
04-15-2012, 12:51
Actually, there are a lot of side trails there. One leads to a tower, one leads to an old village, one to a former hotel. The trail along the creek is very nice.

04-15-2012, 18:11
The "Top 10 Sites to See in Stony Valley": http://www.stonyvalley.com/frameindex.html

Another enthusiast site for St Anthony's Wilderness: http://home.comcast.net/~StAnthonyWilderness/anthony.htm

04-16-2012, 11:45
Both the above websites are both thorough and excellent.

Be sure to get the appropriate section maps to get a full view of all the trails in 211. The trails are really well maintained and will prove to be an excellent challenge. Also, if you are into bushwacking with a gps, the gamelands are open for your wandering pleasure.

04-17-2012, 06:18
Thanks for the websites but what I was hoping for was any info on cool places(sites) in St. Anthony' s Wilderness ie "the general", the old cemetery. Are there any other places or abandon mine equipment in the area that is worth checking out and if so where? Thanks for the help

04-17-2012, 22:02
Did you see this link: http://seesaw.smugmug.com/

04-18-2016, 20:55
Standing behind rauch gap shelter,
Turn and walk down the steepest parts in a line parrellel to the creek then turn twords it and intersept it about 200 yards down from the shelter.
now search the shelter side of that tributary uphill along its bank.
you may come to a spot approx 170 yards down from the shelter where a small 20 foot around, unatural clearing sits.
By clearing i mean a few trees are missing.
Look at the surounding trees about 6 or 8 feet up their trunks.
If you see old nails and a bit of board you are standing in a very old hunters camp.
Fourty years ago a table still , made of old boards between two trees very close to the water for gutting deer i believe.
Over the years, the nails have grown higher up in the trees, the boards mostly gone, and the remains like tin tent stakes and old pots long covered under the duff.
Its a special place and in exstreem drought its the spot where water still sits.

04-18-2016, 21:01
When you stand in the center of the six piles or mounds that were the village faceing south and just beside the first two piles, the one one the right has the remains of a fireplace , now very deep under dirt that has bits of bones of different animals and scraps of burnned food and cobbs.
As teens we could still see bits of walls on several of the mounds. The first on the right going south was bigger, and not a house but a workplace.

04-18-2016, 21:10
Deep within the longest uninterupted by road,(32mi) section of our trail in pa we call st anthonys wilderness is hertline campsite. Its a string of fine sites up along the very restrictive landscape of hertline creek.
Often its full of boy scouts who have made it a regular camp for decades.
When two lone thruhikers pull in and find zero flat spot, a very possible occurence..... their is what we call a seventh site.
Its called," the apatche camp and no boy scout would ever consider it let alone find it.
Past the most upper tentspot, the source of hertline creek births from the most awsom little island.
in curcumfrance, a large beach umbrella is way bigger.
In the center of this island wich the creek surounds but goes no further beyond, sits a tree from wich the creek emerges directly under its roots.
One hiker,( the lucky one, can curl around the tree on the uphill side, and the second can just fit curled around the downhill side very very uncomfortably.

04-18-2016, 23:40
Up and down our trail are water sourses unlisted in guids or maps and seldom found.in my home state of pa, i know of some that are just feet from what are considered dry sections.
Alot more od tymers know them than young tymers.
For instance.
The pavilion in port.
The pump is dry when the water table is low.
but a few yards away under a pine tree is the covered seep spring.
Or the fist sized opening in the rocks we all walk directly over at a place in st anthonys far from water during drought.
Its so small and quiet, a hikers boots make too much noise when crossed to hear it and only a cup can be lowered by shoelace. But in that place is an underground creek and its powerfull.to describe where its between, i could only describe the landscape. Its one of those places when you see landmarks like the way the trail is so hard to follow cause all the trees are thin and get knocked down alot and show no blazes and the path is rock and shows no pathway and the turns so frequent, direction becomes difficult.
And its broad and flat showing no peaks to land a bearing.
but every time i get near, i find it.