View Full Version : Springs between Newfound gap and Fontana dam?

04-18-2012, 00:08
How many springs do they have on the AT and their locations? Looking at 3 different maps I could only find 2 I'm trying to figure out how much water to carry Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks

04-18-2012, 00:35
2012 AT guide shows 14 water sources , mol, between NFG and Fontana. Seven shelters with bold springs and 2 springs at the aptly named Double Springs Gap shelter. They were all flowing good at the end of March when I went through. I carried a 500 ml bottle in my pocket and another 1.5 to 2 L in my pack. Except for Birch Spring CG, too many horse turds, and Mt Collins, too many day hikers passing through, I drank without treating the water. It was a real time saver just filling my pocket bottle from the spring w/o having to break out the pump or mix up aqua mira.