View Full Version : Parking From Linville Gorge East to Beacon Heights

Tipi Walter
04-26-2012, 13:44
Does anyone know about a safe place I could leave my car for three weeks on the MST between the gorge/hiway 181 and Harpers up to Beacon Heights? Anyone ever left their car at the Wilson Creek visitor center?

Mr. Bumpy
04-26-2012, 15:39
There is an Outward Bound Center on the east side of the gorge. You might have some luck with them.

Love your trip report.

Tipi Walter
04-26-2012, 19:54
Thanks for the post. I'll check out the OB center as I remember it used to be at Table Rock or somewhere in the Gorge.

04-27-2012, 20:29
Check with Hawk-eye of the Linville Gorge Rats on Hammockforums for anything you need to know about the gorge

Also this site http://www.linvillegorge.net/

Tipi Walter
04-27-2012, 20:30
Thanks gunner76 for the link.