View Full Version : LT weather in July

04-05-2005, 10:17
I'm curious to hear form anyone who has been on the LT in July. What can I expect for low temperatures. I'm thinking about not carrying rain gear and just getting wet. I'm also trying to make a decision about what kind of bag I'll need. Thanks.

06-12-2006, 23:55
Hey Rainman. I'm starting an end to end to end (yo-yo) on the first of July. The weather right now looks like 50's or lower for the lows. and 70's during the day. I have a 30 degree down bag and I think thats to much so you may be better off with a 40 degree bag. As for rain I hear there is a fair amount of it right now. I have a tarp/poncho and that should do me fine. The thing your going to worry about is Hypothermia so I would advise you to at least take a lightwheight shell. Enjoy your hike and If you have any other questions just pm me.

P.S. are you doing an end to end?

I'll see you on the trail!

06-13-2006, 22:42
I once spent a night on Glastenbury in August when if I recollect correctly it dipped into the 30s. Perhaps a rare event, but I was toasty in my 20 degree bag.