View Full Version : GoLite Packs

05-02-2012, 12:42
Not sure why the newly introduced line of ultralite packs (http://www.golite.com/packs-and-luggage/backcountry-ultralite) are on sale at such great prices already, but they are.

05-02-2012, 13:00
GoLite just started selling their products directly to consumers. As a result I think they have realized that they can sell their gear on their own website for much cheaper and still make the same amount of money off of each item by cutting out the middle man (local retailers). I think the low prices will be short lived once they have the second realization that they will make even more $$$ if they keep their prices just slightly lower than local retailers instead of the hugely discounted prices that are listed now.

Just a theory though, I am no Economiks Jeanius... or am I?

My advice, take advantage of it now while it still lasts. I just bought a Shangri-La 2 tent for 30% off, before it even arrived they dropped the price again to 50% off. I called and asked if they would reimburse me the difference and they did with no fuss. Great customer service.