View Full Version : SOBO Thru Hike Sleeping Bag Temperature

05-07-2012, 09:23
I'm getting ready to make a down quilt for my sobo thru hike starting june 1st. The only thing is I can't decide what temperature to make it for. I'd like to make it so that I can use it from the start of the trail until it starts to cool off in the fall where I'll switch to a warmer bag. If I have to I don't mind wearing a few extra layers of clothing in bed on the colder nights up in maine. I was originally planning to make it for 25 degrees but after a section hike last week I'm having second thoughts about that because I was hot in my 35 degree bag on the trail here in virginia. Do you guys think 30 degrees would be a better choice? Or something else entirely? I have extra down so I'm pretty flexible about what temp to make it for.

Looking at the weather it looks like it's only getting into the 40's right now at night in maine. I'm thinking I can get by with the 30. Any opinions?

05-07-2012, 10:09
June through ME, NH and VT has the potential for being cold. At a minimum, I'd do a 30 degree.

05-07-2012, 19:42
Yep - there were snow patches still on higher peaks this past weekend. Last weekend, lots of snow on Layfayette off Franconia Notch. Couldn't see Washington when I was in Pinkham Notch Friday night because the cloud ceiling was somewhere near the road. I've hiked in a snow storm Memorial Day weekend up there.