View Full Version : Trashy ****

12-21-2002, 23:16
Trashy ****

SGT Rock
12-22-2002, 14:07
I always hike mine out, after all, I had the room to bring it in. I often find myself carrying other people's trash they leave to the closest trash can. I haven't burried anyone elses poop yet.

Lone Wolf
12-22-2002, 14:19
I only pick up stray wrappers, etc. on the trail itself. I don't pick up after slobs at shelters. Shelters are dumps.

12-22-2002, 16:49
the only thing i havnt brought out is broken glass, for the obvious reasons. although ive never burried somone elses poop, ive never come across it either.

12-07-2003, 18:07
I always pack out my trash. And try to lug out the trash of those too stupid to do it themselves! I have limited space, but carry what I can.


01-16-2004, 06:46
i pack out ALL my own trash & pick up papers, wrappers, etc.,etc along the trail as i hike.

i try to tidy shelters too if there are recepticles &/or if i have enuff room in my trash bag....(i carry 2 small trash bags)

i think we should all make more of a conscience effort to keep the trail clean!

see ya'll UP the trail in 2004!