View Full Version : Hot Springs

Nearly Normal
04-07-2005, 13:52
I was just wondering how well attended Trailfest is?
I know there is free camping at Silvermine camp grounds. How far away from the happenings is that.

Jack Tarlin
04-07-2005, 14:06
Compared to Trail Days, Trailfest is a very modest affair. It's fun, but quite small. If you're going to attend one or the other, Trail Days is the way to go.

Silvermine is perhaps .3 or .4 at most from town.

04-07-2005, 23:05
Trailfest is a much calmer much less commercial activity, but than some people like big outragoeus partys so there is the rub my friend. to party in a more one on one basis or go for the big JAM i personally will be at Hot Springs I only go to Damascus when the ruckess is over.

04-07-2005, 23:11
Trailfest sounds real chill. What else is there to do besides talk to other hikers?

04-08-2005, 06:51
Besides eat, drink and be merry; there will be bands, maybe some dancing. Lots of arts, crafts, possibly gear to check out. Heard someone say the rafters were having a big weekend planned too. I saved the best for last, duck race! Not sure about a talent show but that might work.