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mountain squid
05-11-2012, 18:09
Hard Core is sooner than I realized . . . Hard Core is your chance to dig some new trail, move some large rocks and maybe paint some white blazes with the TN Eastman Hiking Club. This year it will be on the 20th and 21st of May which is the Sun and Mon after Trail Days.

Those who have attended the last couple of years are already familiar with this year's destination. Yep, we are going back to Pond Flats (unfortunately the climb up has not gotten any easier - it is still steep) and also to Roan Mountain (which unfortunately is also steep). This year we should finish Pond and get a good chunk of what we have planned for Roan completed as well.

Hikers will be picked up Sunday morning in Damascus (bring all your gear) and transported to work site. On Sunday, we will be working on Pond and on Monday we will be working just South of Cloudland on Roan. On Tuesday, current hikers will be transported back to where they got off the trail.

Dinners on Sun and Mon will be provided. You will need to have your own breakfasts, lunches and snacks. Lunches will be eaten at the work sites. You will also want to bring water/something to drink to the work sites. Lodging will be at Kincora and Braemar Castle in Hampton, TN.

Sign-up for Hard Core will be on Friday and Saturday of Trail Days in Damascus, VA. Myself and Bob Peoples will be at the ATC booth in town. Sign-up early, because the list fills quickly.

For those with a vehicle, we may need your assistance in transporting hikers to and from the work sites and then back to the AT (on Tue). We usually have work gloves available. However, sometimes it is difficult to get a matching pair . . . you might pick up a cheap pair prior to. Sturdy footwear is a good idea too.

It is always a Good Time! Maybe this year we will have good weather . . .

See you on the trail (and at Trail Days),
mt squid

mountain squid
05-17-2012, 18:47
See everyone tomorrow. An interesting side note . . . this year we will all have to wear hard hats. Thanks to ATC for providing at a relatively short notice!

See you on the trail (and at Trail Days),
mt squid

05-17-2012, 19:27
usually hardhats,boots and safety glasses
a hardhat with sandels seems kinda silly :-)

05-23-2012, 11:50
Dang! I missed it!

mountain squid
06-06-2012, 19:36
There were rocks and then there were more rocks!

Between Pond and Roan I think we opened approximately 2500 feet of new trail. We didn't have quite as many hikers as in years past, but everyone worked just as hard, maybe harder because of the rocks that we had to move! If I recall there were 80 hikers signed up, with only a few that didn't show on Sunday. There were approx 30 club members helping out in some way, also. Thank-You to everyone that helped make Hard Core 2012 a success!

Special Thanks to ATC for providing for the Hard Hats. Also Thanks to 1Pint for her generous donation of shoulder bags filled with goodies for the hikers.

I've uploaded some photos (http://whiteblaze.net/forum/vbg/browseimages.php?catid=member&imageuser=8692). Did I mention that there were Rocks . . .

See everyone next year!

See you on the trail,
mt squid