View Full Version : Trail Days question

05-13-2012, 19:10
I'm picking up some thru hikers at Standing Bear and heading to Damascus on Friday for Trail Days. I'm planning on camping while I'm up there and may take a bit of a hike. I have a strange feeling about gear security while I'm up there for some reason. I'm wondering if I should lock my gear up in my truck each night or if it will be safe. I don't doubt the integrity of a single person, but when you get en masse and alcohol is involved, people tend to do stupid things. Is this an issue at TD or am I over worrying?

Montana Mac
05-13-2012, 19:21
LOCK IT UP - all other hikers might be oaky but you also have to worry about locals.

Lone Wolf
05-13-2012, 20:30
lock it up

So Way
05-14-2012, 11:42
anyone headed to trail days from Florida ( i'm in the Daytona beach area)